Ray Rice along with the NFL’s One Sided Decision Based on a Domestic Violence Event in New-jersey


I had been recently asked to appear about the Fox News Channel to talk about that the Ray Rice thing but once I gave my estimation I think the invitation is going to be withdrawn. Ray Rice, a Nationwide Football League (NFL) and former Rutgers College celebrity was caught on videotape in a casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The first video failed to demonstrate that the entire episode and the NFL elected to suspend Mr. Rice for two games. Months later, the full cassette of this elevator episode appeared and Mr. Rice was suspended indefinetely.

Even though I wasn’t there on this very date of the episode, I have not viewed some other trailers of that which occurred ahead of the lift episode, but there is three sides to a narrative ทางเข้า SBOBET. His narrative her story and also the facts. What I do know however is that in general, humans do not just act without a reason or act liberally for no rationale especially toward somebody else they know, somebody else they date or somebody else that they truly are wed to. Something led to the elevator episode but it was ignored just as national violence against men has been blown off across the U.S.. Domestic violence remains very real in this county but it is also quite real that men suffer with domestic violence plus it is not taken as serious. No body has got a right going to anyone with no just cause, men or woman, period.

Domestic violence is not simply physical violenc but also includes psychological and verbal abuse. How can we understand if Ray Rice was hit outside the elevator? How do we understand his fiancee during the moment, now wife didn’t throw away a drink on him, spit upon him, punched himslapped him or any other styles of national violence. Another fact is that a person includes a right to protect themselves. In the video clip you find that the fiancee coming to him more than once. There’s reason to feel an argument or dispute started out outside of the elevator along with thatnot currently being discussed wherever. As you need to fight in an identical manner which you’re increasingly being assaulted, Mr. Rice punched his currently wife in the face. While this had been clearly an error in his role, Mr. Rice is not the only guilty party in this activity. It takes two to tango, also within this case I really feel it to become correct.

Mr. Rice has been arresested and his case was adjudicated in the criminal courts. Now, the NFL has opted to suspend him indefinetley. While the video gets evident jolt value and a”muscle mass machine” such as Mr. Rice could knock most fighters shouldn’t possess punched his wife in the facial but at the sametime it will not portray the complete story. The NFL went too far to suspend Mr. Rice indefinetely with no complete investigation. He should be able to operate and support his own family from football which can be his profession and soccer in the NFL is extremely brief because of the degree of contact which results in career-ending injuries. I think a 8 match suspension without pay is in order and also a fine. Now child abuse is an entire other story that there is no excuse for, but Mr. Rice’s complete story was curbed and his punishment is surplus.

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